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Do you offer same sex weddings?
As long as you love each other and want to get married here at KBH then everyone is welcome. (We want to live in a world where we remove this question from the list sooner rather than later as it’s ridiculous!)
Do you have a recommended supplier list
We do, this list is made up of suppliers who we think are fantastic, they also do not pay us to be on this list, they are there due to their talent and professionalism.
Can we help decorate the site?
Absolutely, our couples have access to the site the day before, usually between 12pm-4pm to decorate as you wish.
Can we have real candles?
Of course, we just ask that any flame remains 1 metre or more away from any marquee lining.
I want to hang things from the ceiling of the marquee?
Please note only reputable companies with the relevant insurance and ladder heights can hang things from our ceiling. We can of course recommend some of these to you if you need us to.
What happens if it rains?
Hello, Great British Weather! We would use the House as our wet weather plan during the drinks and canapes reception (standing capacity is 200) and then the marquee for the wedding breakfast and dancing.
I would like evening guests to join us, is this possible?
Of course, the more the merrier, especially for dancing. Our evening capacity for the marquee is 300 guests.
Where will guests park and can they stay over night?
The guests will park on our Front Avenue, in our ample car park and can be left their overnight. We ask that they are collected by noon the day after your wedding.
What time can we access the venue on the day?
Kingston Bagpuize House opens at 9am the morning of your event.
When must the party stop?
Our weddings end at midnight with all guests to be off site by 12.30am.
Are there any décor restrictions?
Our main rule is please do not wreck the House and Grounds! However, we ask that you let us know before you book any large décor items just in case they may end up being harmful to the House which is Grade 2 listed and Grounds.
Can I stay on site?
Unfortunately, Kingston Bagpuize House is still a family home so no accommodation is available overnight. However, we can provide you with a list of local accommodations nearby.
Can we bring our own caterers?
Elegant Cuisine have been sole caterers on site here at KBH for 8 years and they are happy to provide any type of food that makes you happy. Be that 8 course fine dining to big BBQ options to share with guests or even to dainty afternoon tea, the EC team will find a menu perfect for you.
Can we bring our own alcohol, is there corkage?
We do not offer corkage on site as we do not have the space to store it appropriately, however the Elegant Cuisine team will be able to build a wine and drinks package to your exact requirements with their long list of suppliers.
Can we have a live band?
Absolutely, we love a band, however we do have a sound limiter in place in order to reduce the noise to our neighbours and local wildlife. We recommend up to a 6 piece band and that they have a chat with us directly before you confirm your booking with them.
Do you have lights, microphone or sound system?
Here at KBH we like to concentrate on looking after you all and tech is not our strong point so we do not have anything on site for couples to use. Most of our couples ask their band to supply these.
Can we have confetti?
Yes! You can’t miss your chance for an iconic confetti shot. Please note that this needs to be natural petals or biodegradable. (Please check your glitter as well!)
Will we have a wedding co-ordinator?
One of our amazing team will be there to run your day and you will have met them several times before the big day.
Can we have a tasting?
Elegant Cuisine do offer private tastings, but these do come at an additional charge. However as a venue we host two food and wine tasting days a year which we encourage you to visit to get some inspiration on some of the fantastic food and wines you can choose. It’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon and visit the site again.
Who can get ready at KBH?
We have a large bedroom in the House that is accessible at 9am and can be used however you wish. We ask that either half of our couple use it and it not to be offered out to different guests.
Frequently Asked Questions

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